Bookkeeping And Accounting.

1. Payroll Services:

Data Will Be Extracted From Apex System (No Need to Fax, Email unless you want to use your own system)

  • Payroll Processing.
  • Payroll Taxes Filling:

                                    ○ Federal Taxes   ○ State Taxes

  • Pay Child Support Liabilities
  • Pay Employee Lien Liabilities
  • Providing PDF File to Print Net Checks at Local Office with Digital Signature or Mail to signed & sealed checks.
  • Each Payroll will be uploaded to Apex System for 24 x 7 worldwide remote access to review any important detail.
  • Direct Deposit Option ($1.75 / paycheck – employee pays if wants to)
  • W-2 (Whatever it costs us to purchase special forms to print on & Shipping)
  • Breakdown of Each Department’s Payroll in QuickBooks with Payroll Services.

2. Monthly State Sales Tax:

(Necessary reports will be extracted from PMS by our staff when possible, otherwise coordinate with the hotel manager)

3. Monthly City/County/Tourism Tax:

(Will pay online if that option is available, otherwise email you a form with your signature for you to print and pay)

4. Year-End One Time Report to Accountant with All Totals.

(Apex Does Not Provide Year End Tax Return)

5. All Key Accounting Line Item Amount From PMS Will Reflect In Book Keeping on A Monthly Basis: (i.e. Synchronizing PMS with Books)

  1. Room Revenue
  2. Cash
  3. Each Credit Card Type
  4. Sales Tax, etc.
  5. City Ledger
  6. Guest Ledger