Payroll Service

Data Will Be Extracted From Apex System (No Need to Fax, Email  unless you want to use your own system)

Monthly State Sales Tax:

(Necessary reports will be extracted from PMS by our staff when possible, otherwise coordinate with the hotel manager)

Monthly City/County/Tourism Tax:

(Will pay online if that option is available, otherwise email you a form with your signature for you to print and pay)

Year-End One Time Report to Accountant with All Totals.

 (Apex Does Not Provide Year End Tax Return)

All Key Accounting Line Item Amount From PMS Will Reflect In Book Keeping on A Monthly Basis:

  •  Room Revenue
  • Cash
  • Each Credit Card Type
  • Sales Tax Etc
  • City Ledger
  • Guest Ledger

Some of The Key Benefits Related to our Bookkeeping Services.

Benefit - 1 :

  • Help you by a disciplined approach of setting aside funds each month for the following expenses so that the actual Surplus or Deficit will be accurately outlined on the P&L and the CPOR and CPAR will be accurate.

                     o Property Taxes    o Workman’s Compensatio   o Reserve Funds

Benefit - 2 :

  • Each month, each credit card transactions will be downloaded and sorted out to allocate them to appropriate accounts.
  • Once the majority of them are sorted, those which we are not sure about will be emailed to you in an excel format for your input.
  • Before you receive any P&L & Balance sheet each month, each and every transaction will be associated with an appropriate account for the most accurate P&L.

Benefit - 3 :

  • If you prefer, we can forward various reports to your accountant when they become available and gets forwarded to you.

Benefit - 4 :

  • Each report generated by us such as Payroll – Stubs, Checks, Reports, Liability Payments, Garnishment Payment Confirmations, Bank & Credit Card Statements will be uploaded each month or as becomes available for you to access it 24×7 on Apex’s website without downloading each time.

Benefit - 5 :

  • With regular updated financial data each month, you will be able to arrange meetings with your CPA on a Monthly, Quarterly or Year-end basis for all hotels in one place.
  • With all the Financial Books in one place with us, you can coordinate with one CPA for your year-end Taxes Returns to maximize taxes related savings.